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New England, United States
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La Bella Baskets offers a simple and easy program. Join a Growing Industry that Offers Amazing Results - It's Fun, Easy and Highly Profitable. With La Bella Baskets, you will receive training to become a professional Gift Basket Consultant. Not only will you be able to help people save money and time on their gifts, you will receive commission on your own personal gifting needs. Imagine getting a commission check each time you send your friends and family gift baskets, flowers or cookie bouquets. The gift basket business is an industry with tremendous potential and a great opportunity for fun and fulfillment. You get the chance to help people find affordable gifts for their loved ones that will bring infinite pleasure to the recipient. How Does Our Program Work? 1. We provide our consultants with a beautiful website showcasing over 400 gourmet and specialty gift baskets, flowers and more. These gifts are loaded on your gifting store with your own shopping cart. There is no hassle or need to figure out all the details. Within minutes of becoming a consultant, you can start taking orders and growing your business. We also provide a free downloadable catalog to all our consultants so they can take their business with them wherever they go! 2. Customers visit your online gift store. With your La Bella Baskets personal website, individuals and corporations can browse and buy gifts 24/7. No more running around trying to find out what to buy for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions – just a simple, easy to use online store where picking the perfect gift is fun and easy. 3. We ship to your customer within 24-48 hours. We work behind the scenes in the warehouse taking the shipping, assembly of gifts, and other retail burdens off your shoulders. We also make sure all packages are professionally prepared and shipped to your customers within 24-48 hours. You DO NOT have to stock any inventory. You DO NOT have to buy any products. You DO NOT have to deal with shipping. You DO NOT have to collect payments. It’s a paperless, effortless, hassle-free way to add revenue and repeat business. We offer quality gourmet and specialty gift baskets – fresh, creative and appealing. We do ALL the production, warehousing, and shipping. You handle the sales and marketing. You take in orders; our warehouse fills them. No need to add space, inventory, or staff. 4. You generate a nice income! That's it! Pretty simple! Support and Training All the work has been done for you – all you need is to access the tools and go for it! Just follow the guidelines and you will be on your way to creating a profitable gift basket business. Marketing Guidance, Expert Tools and Techniques Free Ongoing Support Our experts will support you to ensure your gift basket business succeeds. Whether by phone or by email, your support continues five days a week. We help you decide on the right marketing methods for you, help you set personal goals, and get you started finding customers and generating repeat customers. Free Marketing Lessons We offer training and advice in basic internet marketing strategies. Once you are ready, you can take our free Internet Marketing Lessons and grow your business to new levels. You will find weekly tips and tricks highlighted in our newsletter on how you can market your gift business via the internet and also offline. The beauty of internet marketing is that there is no face-to-face interaction needed - you can work from your home day or night---even in your bathrobe and slippers. Anyone can become an expert, even you! Downloadable Marketing Material We provide you with beautiful email templates, flyers, and brochures. We have all the marketing materials you need to advertise online and offline. Find clients easily in your area when you send out beautifully printed materials and holiday specials that keep your clients coming back again and again.