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500KG/H Wood Pellet Plant
Jun 11 2014 04:17
Details of Each Main Machine

1)AMS600 Wood Crusher
This crusher can crush the wood logs wood branches , wood chips into sawdust directly, also any agriculture wastes and husk. It combined the cutters and hammers into one body.

2) AMS - PD30 Pipe Dryer
?This dryer can drying the sawdust from 40-50% moisture into12-20% to make pellets. Because it has a requirement to moisture when making wood pellets. Of course, if you plan to use it to make feed pellets, the pipe dryer is no need to equip.
?By means of the air flow into dryer by screw conveyor, powder-like wet sawdust will be continuously added to the drying tube. In the process of transport and dispersion of high-speed hot air, the wet material are dried by evaporation.
?The pipe dryer mainly including the air heater, feeder, fans, air drying tube, cyclones and other components.
?Air Fan & Cyclone
Air fan absorbs the sawdust from the wood crusher into cyclone. And the cyclone will deposit the crushed meal into the pellet mill. It can be used for collecting the crushed meal and separating dust from the product.

3) AMSP-400 Pellet Mill
Pellet mill is used for making the sawdust into pellets.
Adopts high quality materials and advanced device of shaft, and the key components are made by high quality alloy steel. Taking advantage of German vacuum furnace for heating, the service time will be 5-7 times more than the common one.

4)Pellet Cooler
The pellet cooler including the screener is used to cool down the pellets temperature.
Based on the principle of a new design, this pellet cooler has further development compared to the original one. The cold air into the cooler constantly, and the pellets cool down by the screener. At the same time, the dust bag(s) absorbed into the extra dust of pellets to ensure the quality of pellets. This machine simplifies the structure, enhances energy efficiency.