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AMSPLM 260 Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill
Apr 18 2014 04:53
Get to Know AMSPLM 260 Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill
AMSPLM 260 flat die pellet mill can is of special pellet mill design with a running die mould and stationary rollers. The advantages of this design is low electricity consumption and efficient in making feed pellets. This portable feed pellet mill can process corn, bean dregs, straw, grass and rice hull powder into granulated pellets. You just put the pellet mill on the flat ground and then put the feedstock into feeding mouth, then the material will be pressed into the die hole by the friction between die mould and rollers. Usually the gap between die and rollers is 0.1-0.3mm for making feed pellets. The feed pellet length can be adjusted by the cutting knife. You can replace flat die to making feed pellets with different diameters of die holes. After the pellet die has been used for a period, you can turn oven it and continue to work.
Superiority of the Feed Pellets Produced by our Pellet Machine
? Pelletizing rate is more than 95%.
? Pellets are of uniform size, slippery surface.
? Feed pellets are cooked and digestive.Pellets produced are of good intensity and shape, which is convenient to store and not easy to deteriorate.