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AMS 300D Flat Die Pellet Mill
Apr 8 2014 21:42

The developers of pellet mills have come up with small size pellet machines for the home user. These flat die pellet mills work just as well as the industrial pellet machines. These mobile pellet mills allow the homeowner to make pellets for heating purposes and feeding animals in their home. It is also possible for you if you buy a diesel homemade pellet mill even you say it is not convenient to use electricity.

Why Choose Diesel Flat Die Pellet Mill
1. No energy limit
There are many types of pellet mill in market: Ring Die pellet mill and Flat die pellet Mill. Ring die pellet mill is aways used in industrial production and much expensive than flat die pellet mill. For small scale business and home use, flat die pellet mill is best for cost-effective price and proper production capacity.

Here we supply two kinds of energy-driven flat die pellet machines: Electricity-driven and Diesel-driven. Both are suitable for home production. Here is a key point to choose Diesel pellet mill. Driven by a diesel engine, it makes pellets production possible especially in the rural area with shortage supply of electricity. And diesel is very easy to get almost everywhere.