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100-150 kg/h Simplest Pellet Plant
Apr 2 2014 01:33
What’s A Small Mobile Pellet Plant?
A small pellet plant (hammer mill and pellet mill combined machine or pellet mill with crusher) is a mini combination machine which has the same functions of hammer mill and pellet mill. There are three main parts in smallest pellet plant: wood hammer mill, cyclone and pellet mill. This pellet plant is suitable for home use and small scale pellet business with more compact design and muti-function.

Highlights of AMSPH-200 Smallest Pellet Plant
1. Muti-functional. This hammer mill and pellet mill all-in-one machine can crush large wood particles and make them into pellets at the same time. For making biomass pellets, the raw material is usually agricultural wastes like crops stalks, straws and other soft materials; it can not process logs with large diameter. Besides, this combined pellet mill and hammer mill can also process oil cake, grass, alfalfa, etc for making feed pellets.
2. Economical and efficient. With this muti-functional small pellet plant, you will never need to buy wood crusher and wood pellet mill separately, so it can save much cost and space.
3. Suitable for home use. Simplified design and compact structure can meet all basic demand in home made pellets production.
4. Dural and well-knit. Made from high quality stainless steel, this hammer mill and pellet mill combined machine can have a long service life.
5. Adjustable fineness and pellet size. All the size and dimension is determined by the mold screen size. We can make different mold to meet your demand.