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AMS 150D Flat Die Pellet Mill
Feb 26 2014 21:30

Homemade Diesel Pellet Mill Introduction
With the development of biomass energy and feed technology, pellets--fuel pellets or wood pellet are becoming popular in market. You can get raw material like grass, branch, leaves and staw easily in you backyard and farm. All these materials are cheap and easy to get and can make waste to new generation energy. With a small yield pellet mill, you can make use of everything possible to make feed pellets for poultry and wood pellets for fuel in winter. Save energy and save money!

This AMSP-150D Pellet Machine is driven by diesel. Adopting such energy driven design, it can make pellet process available in rural area in short of electricity, economizing electricity and money. Moreover, as a result of diesel driven mode, this flat die pellet machine can move freely and is more flexible and adaptable for different working condition. The advanced design and compact profile would bring you best using experience and high pellet yield.