About our Business

Amisy Potato Chips Machinery continues to explore into the depth of potato chips making industry and push the limits with the usage of modern technology and production concepts. This enables us to manufacturer machines with new designs and improved efficiency, which will meet the modern & futuristic requirements. Every endeavor at Potato Chips Machinery is supported by a well groomed team.

We have advanced manufacturing factory fully equipped with the latest machinery to facilitate our production. Our efficient workforce make optimum use of the resources available in-house as well as from our associates involved with us to achieve high quality products.

Featured Products or Services

Semi-automatic Potato Chips Plant
Mar 13 2014 02:47

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Semi-automatic Banana Chips Plant
Mar 13 2014 02:43

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Semi-automatic Frozen French Fries Plant
Jan 13 2014 02:48

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Automatic Potato Chips Plant
Jan 13 2014 02:45

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