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Roboform - Secure your computer and save hours of typing
Apr 17 2011 07:50
What if you never had to worry about ID theft anymore?
Ever had trouble coming up with a good password?
Tired of typing web addresse manually?

With Roboform that is a thing of the past!

What will roboform do?

  1. Create and manage your passwords (in Roboform called pascards)
  2. Fill out forms on pages where you sign up for things
  3. Save you loads of time: Never type a webaddress ever again
  4. Keep track of safenotes for you
And so much more.

Get the free version which will hold up to 10 passcards.
or go professional for unlimited usage.

Now you can browse the interent safely and secure.

Download your free version now.
Stop spending your time on typing web-adresses and remembering paswords.