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Safelist Genie - Safelist Marketing Dream Come True
Jan 29 2011 09:19
Having trouble clicking enough safelist mails to rake up credits to send out your own ads?

So had I!

And how about seting of credits to use in the banners?


Until I came across the Safelist Genie.

Now I can send out my ads every time I am allowed and also have a mass of credits to make banner campaigns.

And what about posting to the safelists? Talk about tedious work.

Well, safelist genie solved that as well.

There are so many beautiful features, let me just list a few here:

- Organize All Your Safelist Accounts;
- Grab and Read Credit Emails;
- Send Your Credit Mails with Just One Click;
- Track Safelist Performance;
- Submit Banners and Text Ads;
- Keep Track Of Your Credits,
   Referrals, Cash, Next Mailing Time;
- Build Your Downlines!

You have nothing to loose by trying the 14 day FREE trial.