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Eggshell Grinding Machine
Apr 29 2014 04:02

Our eggshell processing machine is used to process eggshell into eggshell powder. Regarding producing eggshell powder, the process is: washing eggshell? drying eggshell? grinding eggshell? sieving eggshell powder. And remember that making eggshell into small pieces before grinding. For the whole process, it mainly needs three machines: eggshell drying machine, eggshell grinding machine, and eggshell sieving machine. For eggshell washing machine, it is customized as your needs.


Features of Eggshell Grinding Machine

  • Food grade stainless steel material, durable use, easy to clean.
  • Low energy consumption, easy to operate. 
  • Compact structure, less occupied area.
  • The grinding chamber is easy to clean and disinfect, no dead Angle, easy to unpick and wash, disinfection.
  • Good working environment, no dust pollution.

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