Egg Liquid Filter
Apr 29 2014 04:32
Egg Liquid Filter DescriptionEgg Liquid Filter is designed for filtrating broken eggshell or other impurity which still remain in the egg liquid. It is suitable for whole egg liquid, egg yolk, egg white. This filter machine can be used in bakery food shop and egg flour mills, it is also a best choice in egg processing production line. The main components include balance tank, rotor pump and distribution box and double filtration tubes. As our independent design, this filter adopts double pipeline filtering, can filter the liquid twice and make the eggshell very pure and quite meet food industry requirement.Egg Liquid Filter Characteristics1. Adopt high quality food grade SUS304 material, hygiene, durable and anti-corrosion .2. High efficiency in filtering egg liquid impurity, stable performance, low noise. 3. This filter is continuous working, the advanced pressure differences technology generated from rotor pump guarantees filtrated egg liquid with uniform and smooth quality.4. The trendy and fashion designed appearance and very larger working efficiency.5. It saves energy and labors, and also provides you biggest rate of revenues on investment. 6. Can equipped with egg breaking machine in egg processing production line.If need or have any question, feel free to contact with

Eggshell and Liquid Separator
Apr 29 2014 04:29
Introduction of Eggshell and Liquid Separating MachineEggshell and liquid separating machine is popular in the eggs processing field with mainly two functions. One is for the broken eggs, itís used to separate egg liquid from the eggshells. The other one is for the intact eggs, it can break the eggs firstly, then separate the eggshell from the egg liquid fast. Moreover, it can also crush the eggshells to reduce the size of eggshell, so that the eggshell is much easier to be processed, such as making eggshell powder by eggshell grinding machine. This egg machine is widely used in the egg processing field as assist equipment.Features of Eggshell and Liquid Separating MachineAdopts food grade 304 stainless steel material, durable and healthy.Humanized design, adopts special centrifugal mechanism design, convenient for dismounting and cleaning.No liquid blocking, filter well, no granule impurities.High efficiency, high egg liquid gain rate: 99%.Large capacity, small size, save area and invest cost. Automatically collect shell and liquid, economic and practical, labor saving.If need or have any question, feel free to contact with

Quail Egg Peeling Machine
Apr 29 2014 04:20
Quail Egg Peeling Machine DescriptionQuail egg peeling machine is a special peeling machine used for peeling boiled quail eggs. This shelling machine can be used alone or together with quail egg boiling machine and quail egg breaking machine. This machine is widely used in food factory, egg wholesale, quail eggs processing factory, and spiced quail egg products factory.Advantages of Quail Egg Peeling Machine 1. No damage to eggs surface, high efficiency, very low breakage rate. High stripping shell(>96%) rate and low breakage rate(<3%).2. Made of stainless steel, sanitary and safety, easy to maintain and clean, low noise.3. Nice and stable structure, convenient to move, beautiful and durable.4. Larger productivity, energy saving, environmental protection, highly cost-effective.5. Long service life and reliable working performance.If need or have any question, feel free to contact with

Egg Peeling Machine
Apr 29 2014 04:16
Introduction of Egg Peeling MachineEggs peeling machine is a special peeling machine for shelling boiled chicken eggs automatically. It can shell eggs in high efficiency and with little breakage. It is the best choice for manufacturers to make boiled eggs, spiced eggs, other egg products, etc. This egg peeling machine can be used in eggs processing production line or used alone.Characteristics of Egg Peeling Machine1. Made of food grade stainless steel, durable, safe and healthy.2. Compact structure. Special roller design. No hurt to the eggs3. High efficiency, low breakage rate. Easy to clean, easy to move.4. Feeding and discharging automatically, labor cost saving.5. Automatic collect eggshell.6. It is the most advanced peeling eggs equipment in China for now.If need or have any question, feel free to contact with

Egg Breaking Machine
Apr 29 2014 04:13
Egg Breaking Machine Description Egg breaking machine is used for breaking and separating eggs. We mainly have three types for your choosing.* Eggs Breaking Machine: is only used to break eggs.* Eggs Breaking and Separating Machine: is used to break eggs and then separate egg yolk from egg-white automatically.* Eggs Breaking Processing Line: is a whole automatic egg processing line with the following process: Eggs Feeding? Eggs Washing and Drying? Eggs Candling? Egg Breaking &Separating? Eggs Filter.We mainly have three capacities for choose: 3600eggs/h, 7200eggs/h, and 10800eggs/h. We also offer professional eggshell and liquid separating machine for you.Egg Breaking Machine Features1. Adopt food grade 304 stainless steel material, durable, easy to clean.2. High liquid getting rate, very little egg liquid remnants on the eggshell.3. Working speed can be adjusted, easy to operate.4. All the mechanical parts are easy to inspect.5. Automatically collect eggshell, always keep the environment clean.Welcome to contact with

Nylon Brush Egg Washing Machine
Apr 29 2014 04:10
Introduction of Egg Washing MachineThis washing machine is our new type egg washing machine, mainly used for cleaning eggs efficiently and automatically. Its roller is high quality nylon brush, lint-free, do not need replacing, high wear resistance. The delivery system convey the eggs into the disinfection part, brushes and disinfectants in the disinfection part clean and disinfect eggs shell efficiently. The egg disinfection can remove the vast majority of pathogens attached to the outside of the eggshell, can increase the hatching rate. We can also offer other egg cleaning equipments to meet different demands.Egg Washing Machine Features1. The roller is high quality nylon brush, lint-free, no need to replace, high wear resistance. 2. Conveying eggs part use full stainless steel, very stable.3. High efficiency, one person is enough for feeding and collecting eggs.4. Strong structure, stable performance, clean well, long lifetime.5. Energy saving, more saves water and power, smaller size, much more convenient.6. This mini egg washing machine is the most popular among customers.Welcome to contact with

Egg Washing Machine
Apr 29 2014 04:09
Introduction of Three Types of Egg Cleaning MachinesOur egg washing machine is widely used for washing hen eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, etc. Also in order to meet the customersí different demand, we have three models for choosing:ALEW-1 Egg Washing Machine is made of high quality nylon brush to wash off the dirt on the surface of eggshell; the brush is lint-free and high wears resistance.ALEW-2 Egg Washing Machine uses stainless steel wire ball brush to clean eggs, the steel wire is soft with toughness, no rust, and the bearings on both sides are made water seal, will not leak. ALEW-4 Egg Washing Machine adopts professional nylon brush or stainless steel wire design, good elasticity and wearable. It is the most popular equipment for egg washing. It can be customized.Egg Washing Machine Features1. Adopt both stainless steel wire and nylon brush for washing, clean eggs well.2. Good structure and performance, no block eggs, no break eggs.3. Easy to operate, save labor (1 worker is ok). 4. High efficiency, 2000-5000 eggs/h.5. Easy to operate, suits for all levels of egg procession industry.6. New Type Nylon Brush Egg Washing Machine for your choice.Welcome to contact with

Egg Boiling Machine
Apr 29 2014 04:07
Egg Boiling Machine IntroductionThis boiling machine is consist of boiling container, boiling body, water reservoir, temperature controller, water filling pipe and other components. You only need to fill water into water reservoir, open the power, then adjust temperature controller, finally pour the fresh eggs on the boiling container until get the boiled eggs to process the next procedure such as egg peeling process. The boiling machine can be customized according to your requirement. It adopts advanced heat processing technology to guarantee quality and nutrition without drain from eggs. * Hen egg boiling machine is specially designed to boil various kinds of eggs, like chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, bird eggs, etc. You can use it together with hen eggs peeling machine.* Quail egg boiling machine is used for boiling quail eggs. It can be used together with quail eggs breaking and peeling machine.Egg Boiling Machine Features1. Wide usage and highly automatic operation.2. Larger capacity and compact machine structure.3. Hygiene and safety, the whole stainless steel guarantees more hygiene and healthy.4. The temperature makes the operation simple and easy.5. This machine has the lower noise and convenient to maintain.6. High efficiency, reliable performance and longer service life.7. Various types for your choice and customized production for satisfied demands.

Egg Grading Machine
Apr 29 2014 04:06
Egg Grading Machine IntroductionEgg Grading machine is used for sorting eggs into different grade by weight. The main constitutes are including eggs conveying belts, eggs groove, eggs grader and filtrating floor. This eggs sorting machine is suitable for various kinds of eggs like hen eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs or any other eggs. Itís very fit for egg processing factory, poultry eggs farming market or egg producing company. We have different models with different capacity and materials to meet different demand of you.Egg Grading Machine Features 1. Adopt professional design, strengthening all the parts, rich durability.2. Automatic control, saving labor, high accuracy stable movement.3. Made of stainless steel, high durability, corrosion-resistant.4. Easy to operate and maintain, reliable quality and service.5. Accurate grading, zero breakage rate.6. Wide application and reliable performance, high efficiency and low energy saving.7. Small grader, smart and convenient for different levels of egg processing enterprises.8. Different models with different capacity and material for choose.

Eggshell Grinding Machine
Apr 29 2014 04:05
Introduction of Eggshell Processing MachineOur eggshell processing machine is used to process eggshell into eggshell powder. Regarding producing eggshell powder, the process is: washing eggshell? drying eggshell? grinding eggshell? sieving eggshell powder. And remember that making eggshell into small pieces before grinding. For the whole process, it mainly needs three machines: eggshell drying machine, eggshell grinding machine, and eggshell sieving machine. For eggshell washing machine, it is customized as your needs.Features of Eggshell Grinding MachineFood grade stainless steel material, durable use, easy to clean.Low energy consumption, easy to operate. Compact structure, less occupied area.The grinding chamber is easy to clean and disinfect, no dead Angle, easy to unpick and wash, disinfection.Good working environment, no dust pollution.Welcome to contact with

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