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Welcome to Take the Internet Back – a program that is destined to change the face of the internet! Please take the time to read this page, our Program Info page, our FAQ page, and our Contract page to get a full understanding of our unique and totally free program. Everything that is printed throughout this website is absolutely true, and we can accomplish it all if we work together. As a team, we will all benefit – both now and more so in the future. Our program is simple, easy for you to participate in, free to all, and has tremendous potential. Feel free to email us using our Contact page should you have any further questions or concerns. We want you to be totally confident in our program, and to fully understand it. Then - join us and we will take back the internet!! Remember that it's totally free – now and forever!!Get $10.00 now free


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We are giving away this website which has the potential to be the next Ebay - for free!!! Yes - that's right - for free!! Before we tell you how to get a piece of this website - totally free - we want to tell you about our website. Have you ever needed a babysitter real quick? Someone to run errands ... cut the grass ...housesit ...do some light chores ... paint... clean your house ... part time ... temp ...or whatever? Where can you find people like that in a pinch? Right here!! That's right - Bidhire is going to fill that niche!!

And Bidhire is unique in that there is no one else doing what we are doing ... we are exclusive!! Remember when Ebay first started? A lot of people thought it would go nowhere - and it is now worth billions (yes ... billions) of dollars. We can do the same thing! The only difference is that we do not have tens of millions of dollars for advertising - so we are going to use people ... like you ... to get our program going. People who will own 80% of this website FOREVER!!! Just follow the simple directions down below - and you will be on your way to owning a piece of this company for the rest of your life - all for free!! This is not a joke or a scam.



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It is obvious, what you need to do is sponsor as many people as you can.  The more people you sponsor, the more you will see your other levels grow.   And you will also see that tenth level grow.  Eventually, your tenth level will most likely be your heaviest level and will consist of your heaviest earnings.
Here is the great thing about Yuwie.....you can have fun.  
So if you have not set up a blog or a club yet, I ask, why not?
In fact, I suggest you do set up a blog and that you do set up SEVERAL clubs.  It just makes sense that the more you participate, the more relationships you will build with other Yuwie members, they will

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Your content is excellent. Add a slide show and profile photo and your ABC would be approaching a 10.
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