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Miessence products are manufactured in Queensland, Australia by ONEgroup. We are totally committed to the health and vitality of our customers and to the sustainability of our Planet?s natural resources. We trust that you will enjoy the purity of miessence? and encourage you to continue towards true health and beauty with our comprehensive range of certified organic skin, hair, cosmetic, health and personal care products. It is so important that we protect our children and grandchildren's health which is jeopardized on a daily basis at bath time with shampoo's, body washes and toothpaste before they go to bed. Take a closer look at the ingredients listed in your favorite skincare products and you will find a chemical cocktail with names you often can't pronounce. Two of the world's leading independent certifying bodies is your global guarantee of the authenticity of ONEgroup's claim of truly natural and organic products, which no other manufacturer has achieved. We warmly invite you to try our products.

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Adrianna Cooper
Logan Village, Australia
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I have always been interested in a healthy lifestyle so my husband and I bought a property in Logan Village Qld. We began with a blank palette and began planning, first the house was built, then the Dam was dug for our gardens water supply, in went the organic orchard, 42 fruit and nut trees were planted. The organic vegetable garden was next, five beds were spaced out and the straw, manure, mushroom compost and lots of chicken manure were mixed in and left to cure for 1 month, the planting of the vegetables began. We have also planted over 1000 native trees for the wildlife and have been rewarded with many sightings of Koalas, wild ducks, various other animals and bird. I am very conscious of the environment and what impact we have on our planet. I discovered OneGroup because of what they do in relation to this, and agree that the more trees that we plant around the world, the healthier we all will be...this includes of course our beautiful animals and our incredible wildlife that we are so priviledged to share this planet with. OneGroup in helping to make a difference in how we can all live a much happier and healthier life. All it takes is passion about the world around us and a commitment to educate others along the way.