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You’ve Found A Business Model Better Than McD’s

The reason we’re so successful as a company is because of Top Tier, high-ticket offers. But you have something much more powerful with the business model we use, especially for someone who can’t dig in their pockets for $1 million to buy a franchise, and then wait several years for it to start turning any profit.

You see, even a model like McDonald’s has its drawbacks. Being a physical business, there is overhead to consider: you have to pay a manager a salary, you’ve got employees, payroll, and all kinds of different headaches to deal with.

What sets us apart is that we are a digital company. Since we focus on digital products (information that buyers download to their computers), our profit margins are extremely high:

  • We don’t have high costs of fulfillment
  • We don’t have to maintain a warehouse of inventory with lots of warehouse staff
  • There’s none of the high costs associated with producing physical products.
  • There’s no need for shipping

It’s really the ultimate profit model. And it allows MOBE to pass on much higher profit margins to our partners, i.e. YOU.

About The “Marketing Equation” I Mentioned Earlier

The economics of business today requires Top Tier, high-ticket products & services.

As every day passes, advertising costs go up. With rising advertising costs, if you’ve got a low-ticket offer, there is just no room for any profit. But if you’re making $1,250, $3,300, $5,500 and up, you’ve got plenty of profit left to always spend on advertising without worrying if your ads increase by a few dollars.

This Is Why A Top Tier Back-End Is Necessary

So if you sell a product for $10 but you spent $15 to get that customer, you get a sale but you lose money. The only way that will work is if you have a proven funnel and system that provides you profits on the back end.

High-ticket back-end sales is what allows you to take a loss on the front end. Ninety-eight percent of businesses don’t have it, and it’s not super easy to pull off.

But, if you’re making $5,000 and you spent even up to $1,000 to acquire that customer, you’ve still made $4,000 in profit. I’d spend $1,000 to make $4,000 every hour of every day of the week, wouldn’t you?

Heck, I’d spend $750 to make $1,000. I’d spend $4,000 to make $5,000 as long as I knew I could scale that out and that I would make that profit. That’s printing money on demand right there!

Do you see the power of Top Tier here? It’s what sets the pro’s apart from the rest of the people out there struggling to make anything at all online. It’s a key pivotal shift in your entire business model, and it doesn’t require any extra effort on your part!

There are people who realize they need a Top Tier offer, but they don’t know how to create or find one. That’s why this 21-Step Training is so powerful: we provide it for you.

Because we’ve been doing this successfully for years now, and have grown by leaps and bounds, we wholeheartedly recommend you use the exact duplicatable system we use. As of July 2016, MOBE has generated over $100 million in revenue and paid out over $67 million in commissions to our partners.

We know what we’re doing, and that’s why we know you’ll be successful if you follow this entire 21-Step System.

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Another Key Mindset Shift

A defining characteristic of people with an “Employee Mindset” is their need to know all the answers first. They are afraid—even terrified—to take a single step forward until they see a clearly laid out path in front of them. (This is the “paralysis by analysis” I mentioned earlier.)

On the other hand, Entrepreneurs and the wealthy take calculated risks. They know it’s better to just start, and figure out the unknowns along the way. They don’t have to have all the answers before taking action.

They know that making mistakes is healthy, and will be the fastest way to learn. So being comfortable with things being imperfect, they will “jump off cliffs” and figure out how to “build the plane on the way down.”

Let that one sink in for a minute …

Your greatest successes in business will come from the things you initially feared doing, or, those for which you didn’t know what the result would be.

There was no clear outcome, but you knew the upside potential was enormous and so you took action steps based on your faith that the answers would be revealed along the way.

It’s like walking up a flight of stairs. Each step up can be into complete darkness. It doesn’t appear until you take the next step forwards. It doesn’t appear until the feeling of falling is in the pit of your stomach. You’re stepping into the unknown, and that’s where the success is.

Are you willing to take action in building your business despite the fears you may have?

Can you view mistakes (including past ones) not as failures, but rather as necessary stepping stones to success?

Are you willing to follow through in using the marketing system we have—which, with over $67 million in commissions paid out, is proven to work—and operate almost like your own personal franchise?

Advisors know very little. Mentors (like your coach) have “been there and done that.” Are you willing to listen to and follow their instructions?

If so, then let’s move on to identifying your main driving motivation in building your business.

Your Reason “Why”

The single biggest factor in an entrepreneur’s success, is their reason why.

Why are they starting their business? What would they like to achieve? How will their business help others (and themselves) get more of what they want out of life?

Remember this quote: “He who has a why can endure any how.”—Friedrich Nietzsche

Or you can have big excuses why it’s ‘not’ possible. But you can’t have both.

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to have challenges along the way. The first challenge will be with changing the way you do things. And the one thing we know for sure about the human mind, is that it’s the ultimate rationalizing device.

The moment you try and do something outside of your comfort zone, your mind starts to come up with all kinds of seemingly logical and valid points about why it’s a bad idea. This kind of resistance may seem completely normal. But you can’t succumb to it if you want to be successful.

Here’s an example: exercise and health.

Do you have any doubt that eating healthily and exercising each day is good for you? And that it can add literally years to your life?

Not at all!

But for most people, your mind will come up with all kinds of resistance when you try to do these things consistently:

  • “I just don’t have the time.”
  • “I can’t stick with it.”
  • “It costs too much money to eat healthy and exercise.”

And so on.
That’s why most people don’t follow through and remain consistent. They talk themselves out of it.

But if someone really wants to get healthy—if it becomes a necessity—they’ll make the time. They’ll commit to sticking with it. They’ll realize it’s costing them way more in the long run to be unhealthy.

There’s a similar parallel in business: you may be saying, “I don’t have the money to start and build my business.”

A very powerful question to ask instead is, “How am I preventing myself from finding the money?”

If you want it enough and your why is big enough, you’ll find a way.

If you use the excuse, “I don’t have the time,” then you’ll never be able to find the time.

But let me ask you this; who is in complete control over how you spend your 24 hours in a day?

You are!

You have the same amount of time each day as millionaires (and billionaires) do. The question is not about a “lack” of time; it’s about how you choose where you’re going to spend your time.

If creating true and long-lasting financial freedom is important to you, you’ll makethe time to complete this training and build your business.

If your excuse is about the money and you’re saying, “It’s too expensive to get into business,” then I suggest you ask yourself this:

Isn’t it more risky long-term not to do the things that are going to move you out of your current financial situation, and create the financial results you actually desire in life?

You can spend the rest of your days being frustrated, looking for the next shiny object that promises to make you rich for no real investment of your time and money, and at best find something that pays you tiny little commissions …


You can join and be fully committed to the MOBE marketing system you will learn about in this training, and be on your way to true wealth.

When you’re making $1,250, $3,300, $5,500, and $10,000 commissions on each customer you refer, the profits can begin to add up really fast.

Turn-Key Business System

The MOBE Marketing System is a turn-key system, which means that it’s already set up and ready to generate profits. All you need to do is feed the system with leads and you get commissions for every sale.

The most common commissions range from $1,250 to $10,000. (Yes, you read that right: $10,000.)

And the best part is, you don’t have to do anything but drive traffic:

  • No products to create
  • No sales system to create
  • No customer service/administrative paperwork to worry about
  • Back end sales and multiple commission from the same customer

With a turn-key system, you won’t have to spend long hours creating a product, developing and testing a sales system, figuring out a multitude of other things and generally “reinventing the wheel.” With MOBE, all you need to do is drive traffic.

In this graphic, Rich Schefren, a respected online marketer, has captured the multitude of hats most entrepreneurs have to wear when starting an online business and getting it to the six- or seven-figure level.

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