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VeryVIP Standard Hosting Package
Mar 5 2010 21:51
Internet Tools for the Internet Elite: Domain Services, Web Hosting, Sitebuilders, Shopping Carts, Power Email Packages, Logos, Images, Videos, Database Integration, Marketing Campaign Management and More!

More than a personal Website editor...more than a simple site builder - the VeryVIP program is a complete, powerful Web publishing platform and online business solution for online business owners with all levels of expertise.

Make no mistake...The VeryVIP program is NOT just a bunch of type-over templates with some drag-and-drop graphics features. Designed by professional Website designers with over a decade of experience, this exciting new tool lets you completely customize your Website like a professional, but WITHOUT the time-consuming learning curve.

That's because the VeryVIP program is HTML based with easy step-by-step instructions that walk you through the entire site creation process. You'll be free to concentrate on what matters most: creating an awesome personal business Website and professional Web presence that will help produce results through sales and massive Web traffic.

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