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TuneFlow provides an exciting new place for music lovers to discover new music and new artists
Mar 5 2010 21:15
Every month, TuneFlow challenges artists around the world to write and record new, original songs based on one of four new titles we've chosen. Artists have one month to write, record and submit their entries.

You review and rate the entries. The songs with the best average ratings at the end of the month win. It's "battle of the bands" Internet style!

Click on the "rate tunes" button below and start rating this month's entries. For every three songs you review, you can earn one FREE download of any TuneFlow song of your choice!

TuneFlow provides an exciting new place for music lovers to discover new music and new artists. But it's much more than that. You didn't really think the big record labels had a lock on all the best talent in the world, did you? The fact is, there are thousands of great, unsigned singers, songwriters and bands all over the world that are making awesome music -- you just haven't been able to hear it anywhere.

And, ironically, this music is often actually better than what the big boys are pushing. The artists you'll find at TuneFlow, because they don't have contracts requiring them to sound "mainstream," regularly produce music that is fresh, innovative, and often in a much broader range of genres. At TuneFlow you get more styles, and more choices. Like our name suggests, we let the music FLOW...ALL the music!

TuneFlow is also about putting the ARTIST FIRST. At TuneFlow, artists are given the opportunity to get their music out to the world without restrictive contracts. And when you buy music at TuneFlow, it's the artists who get the lion's share (37% to 75% of total music revenues, and up to 88% of profits), not some big record label. TuneFlow also helps artists by providing invaluable exposure, infrastructure, marketing support, and more.