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Feb 15 2011 02:31
How does it work?

YourCreativeCrew is your automated system site that
helps you build downline in? 20 dollars 2 surf fast and 
with ease. If you want to know how? 20 dollars 2 surf
can make you more than 50,000$ per month, read the
earning potential.

This site helps you get at least 10 referrals. I write
at least 10 because you'd might not choose to use all
the methods here, but if you choose to use only 1 or
two methods, you'll probably get more than 10 referrals.
Our plan is based on recruiting ONLY 9, but you can
easily recruit more (using our methods, we recruited
more than 40 in our first 4 days...).

Tired of inviting your friends?

Are your friends tired of being invited by you?

YourCreativeCrew has the answer!

As a regular member at 20 dollars 2 surf, all you need
to do is download the cash bar, activate it and invite
friends to do the same. Don't want to invite your friends?
Use the YourCreativeCrew system! We teach you how
to invite people from all around the world, without calling
anyone or make personal contact. And much more than
that - we teach every one of those who signed up under
YOU to do the same! All is done for you once they sign
up to YourCreativeCrew using your?affiliate link (you MUST
finish step 1 though... no exceptions here...).
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