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Joined APSense since, March 20th, 2010, From ziri, Slovenia.
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About Anica

I want to be happy, I want to have a little more money and I want to help others who are less fortunate as I am.
I am 56years old and I live in Slovenia- the most beautiful country in the world.
I work in a factory as an ordinary worker.As you can see I don`t have a highscool degree but I have been learning for all my life and have every intention to continue so.
I want to change my world I live in and perhaps somebody elses too.


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Marvin Whitehead Jr. Magnate I  
Anica is a good friend here on APSense,Anica is professonal,honest,dependable and believe in getting the job done and helping others. marvinwhiteheadjr
jeanine Bikini Committed  
Anica Terglavcnik is a fresh air on APSense the way he is progressing is amazing and I like his way of marketing and learn a lot from him. I love to endorse him as a Helpful Friend for all Apsensor's

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H.M. Tahir Khan Senior  
Dear Anica! Hi, Thanks to CONNECT with me on WE will SHARE new ideas, Business-Opportunities & Network-Marketing with each other. Have a great day, each day! H.M.Tahir Khan
Rado Zupanc Senior  
I read about Anica and I was impressed by her nice and honest representation. And, as she is Slovenian (like me), she got some more points from me. Yes, I would like to work with such a person.

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Miroslav Grgic Advanced  
Hello! I'm new to all this and would be glad to help me understand the way this works

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