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My name is Douglas Wolfe. I have been working on the internet since 1997. I started working with computers in 1979, with a commodore 64!

In 1980 I was accessing my first Bullitin Boards. I have extensive experience in most internet technologies, applications & systems over the last ten years. My work has caused me to study and continue learn many new things. From advertising and marketing on and offline, to various information, visual media and communications technologies.

Wolfe Web Services is a new face for me, yet draws on all the knowledge and experience of the past 27 years working with computers and the last 10 years working with the internet. I continue to study in order to stay up to date.
For all your internet needs WWS can provide you with the latest solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. Our experience and knowledge in Consulting, SEO Services, Marketing, Advertising, Web Design and Developement,
Systems Administration, Virtual Reality, Databases & related technologies, applications & solutions. As well as our ability to apply that knowledge directly while still finding new ways to use and mesh existing services, technology, programs & applications for your benefit all. is coming, slowly but surely. A Free Affiliate portal where you can network and share with Affiliates from all affiliate programs! News, Blogs, Photo Galleries, Forums, Affiliate Program Reviews, Chat, Classifieds, & much More!
Be sure to check it out for yourself @

The Free Photo Gallery is online @
The Forums are online as of July 1st @

Please bear with us yet help us grow to be a true helping hand to all affiliates regardles of the programs they are in!

Thank You for taking the time to read this.
Douglas Wolfe

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