Wincer Song

Wincer Song Magnate I Deluxe  Founder

Joined APSense since, December 25th, 2006, From Shanghai, China.
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About Wincer

I started to marketing online since 10 years ago. After few years I realized that social networking would connect people in the effective way. I designed APSense for all people who were interested in eCommerce, Home Business or Online Marketing.

We upgraded APSense serveral times in last 3 years. Now the version will be a new start for us. We will also design more attactive addon services for growing your business or helping you to create a new job.

The world is flat, the world is yours!

Brand Pages Wincer Likes

  • Facebook
  • APSense
  • SocialsCube
  • WorthReferral
  • Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange
  • Lekool
  • Taste Hosting
  • The Morning Motivator
  • Team Promote
  • Grow A Massive Downline

Recommendations for Wincer

Patty d. Senior  
Thank you so much for APSense! I have learned so much already by being active here. I hope to learn much much more. Thank You, Patty
Abdul Rehman Professional  
Mr. Wincer. 1st i want to say thanks to you that you accept my request and you are the founder of Apsense. Mr. Wincer is a very nice and good person who start this social network for us. thank you Sir.

Recommendation on Experiences: Founder, APSense Ltd.
Philippe Moisan Magnate II Premium  
I never dare try to talk to you directly, Wincer, I'm sure there are many many people asking you questions all the time, you must be awfully busy. I enjoy ApSense, it's always improving, I know you're behind many of these changes. Awesome work, my friend, and you even take the time to answer in your blogs, I don't see that everywhere. I'm glad I even have the chance to write this testimonial. 4 thumbs up ! Yes, I include the big toes. :) -. Professional  
This one my favorites here in Wincer's projects in APSense, it does not just give back links to your website but also rates your website so you'll know what to improve and what to retain. Thanks to this one Wincer and more power to you.

Recommendation on Haves:
Chuks Okonta Professional  
I met wincer song here in apsense, i discovered that his response to emails is second to none.secondly i like his innovative skills in apsense, i equally discovered he like new things as such introduces new services in apsense like he knows that people like new things. Regards, chuks okonta.

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