Wincer Song

Wincer Song Magnate I Deluxe  Founder

Joined APSense since, December 25th, 2006, From Shanghai, China.
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About Wincer

I started to marketing online since 10 years ago. After few years I realized that social networking would connect people in the effective way. I designed APSense for all people who were interested in eCommerce, Home Business or Online Marketing.

We upgraded APSense serveral times in last 3 years. Now the version will be a new start for us. We will also design more attactive addon services for growing your business or helping you to create a new job.

The world is flat, the world is yours!

Brand Pages Wincer Likes

  • Facebook
  • APSense
  • SocialsCube
  • WorthReferral
  • Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange
  • The Morning Motivator
  • Lekool
  • Taste Hosting
  • Team Promote
  • Grow A Massive Downline

Recommendations for Wincer

Teodor Muntean Professional  
My experience and business relationship with Wincer is long, since he started business social website and I am very pleased working with an open-minded and very active online entrepreneur as he is. We even tried to develop some off-line trade business between China and Romania and still are opened and working on it. If you need advice on marketing online and business development do not hesitate to contact Wincer. Also, by joining Apsense you will find a lot of quality resources.

Recommendation on Experiences: Founder, APSense Ltd.
Josh Hennion Professional  
Wincer is a great man and I never cease to be amazed at what he comes up with next. The U.R.L. Shortener is well cool (advertising APSense everywhere you show it). I use it all over the Internet now, and I have had a few sign ups to websites through APSense. Keep up the good work. Josh

Recommendation on Haves: APSense URL Shortener
Jan aka Jaz Green Senior  
Excellent business and networking tools! This community helps my network motivation. I am meeting my friends, talented individuals; and connections from other mutual communities. I love publishing; ApSense is an excellent site to publish and share contents via link in my social communities like, Twitter Facebook, LinkedIn, Tagged and others. Thank You Wincer and Associates for this wounderful, innovative, up-to-date, user friendly site.
Michael Silva Senior
I want to thank you Mr Song for an opportunity to be part of the APSense community. I have found it to be a very rewarding experience and have enjoyed meeting other members from around the world. It has educated me on foreign culture which has enrichened my life. Keep up the great work! Michael W Silva - President & CEO
Philippe Moisan Magnate II Premium  
1,000 characters... Lord, not nearly enough. Wincer, you gotta allow us to attach files to a testimonial. LOL What can I say ? Where do I begin ? Where do I stop ? APSense members already know you're an awesome programmer. I mean, you've just updated APSense, gave it a new fresh look, eased navigation. It took you weeks of work and testing, cause you had to update all the pages, and there are many, many pages at APSense. Then, you uploaded the changes, there were a few minor bugs, it was corrected in a few minutes. Is that what I find the most remarkable about you ? No. When we started our relationship, I discovered the best example of living humility I could find. You never want your name to appear in marketing efforts. Or, not too apparent. You want people to see and think about APSense. Also, you accept suggestions, it's so much fun to be in brainstorming sessions with you. I like you a lot, my friend. Philippe

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