Volodymyr Starchenko

Volodymyr Starchenko Junior   Director of construction company

Joined APSense since, August 9th, 2012, From Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
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About Volodymyr

Musician, Fmnansovyy manager, Builder of industrial and civil objects, Specialist on komp'yuternym technologies, fanaticism of the Internet and playing types of sport, last years player in Volley-ball, in addition motor-car enthusiast from 1991, driver of cutter on the river Dnepr from 1973

Brand Pages Volodymyr Likes

  • APSense
  • 360 Degree Technosoft
  • Environmental
  • Team Promote
  • Grow A Massive Downline
  • Website Design Nepal
  • Autoreservation
  • Kakalu Indonesia Corporation
  • Free Ads
  • Software Development Company

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