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Joined APSense since, April 3rd, 2010, From Brisbane, Victoria Point, Australia.
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About Leonie

As a frequent user of the internet, I decided that instead of squandering my valuable time with idle chatter and miss guided surfing, I would try my hand at Online Marketing.

The learning curve has been significant, I find myself becoming more and more confidant in this area, and as a result I'm able to offer those who are just starting out, the coaching or mentoring to set them on the right track.

As a fellow Marketer you will all understand the rewards as well as the loses, the triumphs and the sorrows, the up and the downs etc. Being that I am an ENTP, Myer Briggs, personality type, I am determined and therefore I soldier on no matter what.

During my incredible journey with Online Marketing, I have met some extremely brilliant people. They have helped me to sift through the rubble and find the diamonds, and it is with these diamonds that I find myself growing and prospering. My recent introduction to a business opportunity has changed the way I view marketing online so much so, that I am moving closer to my goal of Firing my Boss.

These are exciting times, I can't stop thinking about how close the dream I have of being fanciful and free is getting.

The journey continues......

Brand Pages Leonie Likes

  • Loveremember
  • Franc Van Boekhold
  • Spacelabs Healthcare
  • Yuka Entertainment
  • Night Goddess Clicks
  • ADSactly
  • Creative Websites and Graphics
  • Palm Tree Ads

Recommendations for Leonie

Stanley Tsoumas Senior  
Leonie is one of the go getters in MLM industry she has perseverance in everything she does, she is a good listener and a good friend to have, her dream is to work from home full time and I think she will succeed in doing so in the near future, Leonie is one to have in your team.
faii acy Magnate I  
Leonie is a girl who understands what it takes to be a successful online marketer, namely, picking and choosing programs that are not only legitimate and sustainable, but also of interest and value to her chosen audience. So many people promote things which can not benefit anyone but themselves so Leonie's work is doubly valuable

Recommendation on Experiences: LEED Marketing for Independent Wealth, LEED Marketing
faii acy Magnate I  
Leonie is a true marketing Pro. She understands the importance of driving traffic to your links and can certainly help YOU to be successful as well. She's a jewel, so don't let this opportunity pass you by

Recommendation on Haves: Win Share Traffic
Angela Walker Advanced  
Leonie is a fantastic Lady and i am thankful to her for introducing me to network marketing online. I have had tremendous help and guidance with various programs from her.

Recommendation on Experiences: LEED Marketing for Independent Wealth, LEED Marketing
Angela Walker Advanced  
Hi highly recomend Leonie for any inside knowledge you want to know about legit programs or scams. SHe has a long online experience in internet marketing and is a really true leader. She runs her online business's at her uttmost best. Angela

Recommendation on Haves: Win Share Traffic

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