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Tanya and Ron have been married for 14 years and met after high school. They have two sons, who keep them very busy. The family loves the outdoors, especially camping. Tanya is a stay at home mom and Ron is a ATV Technician. Ron has been working on ATV’s for 23 years.

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ALLAN MONES Professional  
Tanya Barre is an experience online marketer. She shares good information, nice earning programs, revpages and articles. We can learn from her I'm sure she is a reliable person to share knowledge with.
Elizabeth Wesley Committed  
Tanya & Ron are great people. They have the kind of attitude and sticktuitiveness you need to be successful online. They are willing and able to help anyone get started and have a good team to connect with. Check out what they do as a home business, give her a call or connect with Tanya or Ron online. You'll be glad you did! Cheers! Elizabeth Wesley
ALLAN MONES Professional  
Tanya Barre is an experience online marketing. She shares good informations, nice Revpages .
Marvin Whitehead Jr. Magnate I  
Tanya is very professional,honest and dependable also believe in helping others and a good friend of mind the best success in all you do:)))) Thanks:marvinwhiteheadjr
Elizabeth Wesley Committed  
I've been working with Ron & Tanya for about 1 1/2 years. They are a great couple and nice to work with. They always have nice things to say about others, are willing to help and have the best attitude around! Elizabeth Wesley

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