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Hello everyone I am Alhagi Tangikora from the smiling coast of Africa the Gambia.

Gambia is a very small country with less than two million people it is one of the smallest countries in West Africa, friendly, peaceful and hospitable called the smiling coast of Africa

The Gambia is a very poor country rely solely on farming for it income , its citizens are dedicated, determined and committed to working hard to build this great nation in order to give its citizens a better living condition.

Since I finished my high school career I have the dream of changing other people life which I tried doing by working with NGOs, microfinance institutions in assisting communities, groups, associations in the form of training, building their capacities and strengthening their businesses through microfinance in empowering them by giving them a better life to be able to take great care of themselves and their families.

I created this blog to seek help from philanthropist, charitable organizations and well wishers to assist me in achieving my goal to become a chartered accountant in the future, I strong believe when I achieve my dream I will be able to contribute my own quarter in nation building through proper financial management within the public sector,

Since I finished my high school education I have tried very hard to upgrade my education up to the level I am in today with an advance diploma in banking and finance, advance diploma in accounting and finance, hence I have the dream to become a chartered accountant I decided to create this blog to seek help from other to make this dream come true.
This is my blog:

I Thank you all

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Peter Larsen Advanced
Alhagi Tangikora Is a Very nice and caring person I have come to know through APSense He want what is best for the people around him - And I like to follow the journey back to school where he will be educated to help even further. A nice and loving man that can be trusted.

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