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As of 5-22-12, updated from 1-12-12 = couple of things ... how can i get paid for "valuable" ideas ?? i.e. any options that are much better than patents OR "enhance" patent protection, etc. ... where is the best "chat" for ecurrency exchange ? and who knows unique info about ecurrency exchange for "profit" ?

i know more details are needed, so, let me know.

i have some non-spam plans for "Tweaks" so ALL of us can prosper. - tia

As of 11-11-11 i am now starting the development of a new tool that should help everyone without spammy hindrances. However, there are several major issues or concerns that need to be recognized, discussed, and resolved. Such as, how can it be restricted to "ONLY" do-gooders and legit people, companies, organizations, etc., etc. and NOT those who abuse, etc. ...

As of 11-9-11 = i'm still kinda confused for HOW to earn money here - please advise asap.

i'm very good at developing win-win or win-abled promos to help various joint venture opptions. Many promos are using "save money" type hooks to sway the public.

Well, win-abled strategies go far, far beyond those old, time worn, business models and will soon be, truly, "next big thing".

As more of the top marketers embrace the true meanings of win-abled, the very best non-spam and non-hindering business model solution(s) will emerge.

One tip is, win-abled uses the idea of using "the catch" to actually make the offer BETTER ... for the user, buyer, participant, etc., etc.

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