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Istvan Jakab Senior     I'm helping people to reach their goals

Joined APSense since, July 9th, 2011, From Tarjan, Hungary.
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About Istvan

I live in Hungary (Europe). I'm building my passive income for life.
Since I knew Global Domains International Inc. I know, that money earning on the internet is not a tale but reality!

Join my group and I'll teach you how to do the same!

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Aaron M. Professional  
It's an is a dear friend, I am so thankful that I meet him, I have found the idea of helping people to help yourself in one of his campaign and joined his GDI team. Thanks

Recommendation on Experiences: Affiliate, Global Domains International
Toya Christie Committed  
Istvan is a great online marketer He is very friendly and easy to work with and is good for his word in all his promotional offers. I joined as an affiliate in his downline at GDI and he has given me some helpful tips to get started If you get in touch with him he'll give you some useful advice and good programs to build an online income with.

Recommendation on Experiences: Affiliate Marketer, GDI
Elitel O. Senior  
Istvan J. is a man that full of passion on what he do and compassion on any online business newbies that comes his way on the net. No wonder his profile words are"I'm helping people to reach their goals." Kudos!

Recommendation on Haves: Fire your boss!
Stacie Walker Senior  
Ivan is incredible. He is a critical thinker and team player. Anyone working with him in affiliate marketing will be satisfied.

Recommendation on Experiences: Affiliate Marketer, GDI
Manoj Yadav Committed
He is excellent helper with great technical knowledge! He is always ready to help as well as provide the latest technology help. Overall he is great personality with great experience....

Recommendation on Haves: Fire your boss!

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