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About Peter

A bit of a 'Jack of all trades ~ Master of none' sorta bloke. Been farming (not long as I was unable to get a position on a drystock farm) Army (Infantry) Non Destructive Testing (industrial radiography, weld inspection etc) BA (History/Politics)

I have been marketing online for approximately 4+ years now. I have made plenty of mistakes along the way and have made some unwise assessments of who, exactly, to take a lead from. This, I would like to believe, is no longer the situation.

I have aligned myself with, what I find to be, the most ethical and effective advertising networkers around. Clinton Clark (SafeAdZone Advertising Community) and Brian Rooney (Trafficwave/The Online Ad Network).The SafeAdZone Community is now represented as the Perpetual Income Club.

All links are available at Would love you to wander around there and let me know your opinion.

Thanking you in advance ;)

Anyway, hope to see you all around sometime!

Peter Watson aka surgreen
Skype ID = surgreen

Please remember,
'my downline's success IS my business!'

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Recommendations for Peter

Andy Johnson Committed  
Life is fun, exciting and an adventure. I would appreciate it if you would visit my website and provide me with your opinion on what I have to share. I am seeking ways to improve it. Regards, Andy

Recommendation on Haves: essential advertising advice and resources
William Clinkscales Magnate I Pro  
Peter has learned from his mentor that advice does not focus on technicalities or 'secret methodologies', but rather outlining the importance of interpersonal relationships, ethics and sound economic principles. I've noticed surgreen's presents around in various programs throughout the web and highly receive his recommendations. He has become what he has learned. I position him as a mentor of the highest degree. Even a wise man will seek his visions. Thank you Peter for you contributions.

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Samson Lawson Senior
very okay and nice working with, i have know him for more than a decade and he is always doing a perfect job

Recommendation on Experiences: Leader at the Perpetual Income Club, the Perpetual Income Club
Spiros F. Advanced
Peter you are great man. ;-) I m looking your work in web and always find out something new ! Keep On !!!

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Jerome Simbajon Advanced  
thanks for the add bro

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