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Serban Stanescu Advanced     Writer, webmaster, trainer, ZENLA

Joined APSense since, April 2nd, 2011, From Thessaloniki, Greece.
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I love writing, nature, people, helping others to succeed in life, internet, communicating worldwide!
17 years of business as a freelancer, 16 years of computer practice and study.
4 years of practice in developing and using the Zero Negations Language.
Goals: The development of a community based on the concepts of using the Zero Negations Language, research and development of simple methods in identifying and developing native skills, starting from birth, development of special teaching methods for psychic capabilities natives, zero-gridded community development, FREE energy research, pyramid effect research.

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Carmen Anca Rus Committed Premium
Şerban is the best teacher I ever had. Beside being a friend, he did so much for me ! So I like to thank him again for everything he does for me and for others as well.
Petru Codreanu Advanced  
Serban is my advisor, with his I could find my best talents and to begin to profit them, because their talents are as a motor or as a wellspring of energy that benefits both as one thousand and others around me . Thank you Serban than this, I seek to learn from you how to be persistent, scheduled, eager to produce value to this world despite the difficulties, obstacles and needs.

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