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Joined APSense since, May 3rd, 2008, From Fredericia, Denmark.
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Hi all APSense friends

My name is Peter and I'm living in Denmark. I have my own company called MEKLENBORG IT.
I work in IT sales & installation, support, repair & maintenance, PHP, web & database programming, consulting & advisory services and education.

i also have interest in artificial intelligence and make some bots and some other stuff :)

MyQBlog is a powerful tool which allows you to create a free blog whit your own sub domain like ( talking about your favorite subjects without any informatics knowledge. Nothing is easier than to create and manage your own blog ! And don't forget, your blog is totally free !

And then I run a search engine called bimeon its operating in Scandinavia and internationally
under the domain name called

Search on Scandinavia TLD .dk .se .no internationally all other domains

You are always welcome to add your sub domain or domain to the search engine It would be great if you gave us a backlink. We link to most domains / subdomains in the world.
If you don't have a website, please tell all your friends about us. Or give us some credits in another way.

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Peter K. Lenz Committed
There sould be more Members like Peter. A great Person with a lot of expert knowledge and always willing to help. Thank You, Peter. go4deal2
AJLA SPAHIC Professional  
Peter Meklenborg owns his own company called IT MEKLENBORG. Dealing with IT sales and installation, support, repair and maintenance, PHP, database and web programming, consulting and advisory services and education.

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Andrew Esipov Senior  
If you have questions have any to promote the site. I strongly advise to contact Peter Meklenborg. He knows his business.

Recommendation on Haves: MyQBlog Social Media Blog System
PradeeshBOSS Advanced  
hi.............hope you r doing good business withAPS.
LindaP Advanced  
I think Peter has a business that it different from many others in here. I look forward to see what this can turn out to become in the future. Go for it Peter Regards Linda

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