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WAZZUB is part of the perfect internet project. WAZZUB will launch a website that is created to be a perfect homepage for every internet user around the world. Imagine this:

You start your Internet browser and find yourself on the perfect homepage. There is a powerful search engine, the latest news exactly on those topics you are interested in, messages from your friends and family, the best deals on the internet and useful links to your favourite websites.

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  • Online trading
  • IDS Logic
  • Dust Busters

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Manoj Yadav Committed
Mr. SIVAKUMARY RAMANATHUPILLAI Patel is a nice and kind hearted person, I find her a brilliant and effective person. Wish her success in life.

Recommendation on Haves: PERFECT INTERNET
Zulfiqar Ahsun Professional  
I found SIVAKUMARY RAMANATHUPILLAI very hard worker and she do her work/job very nicely.
Brenda W. Professional  
Sivakumary, thanx for asking for my endorsement. Please consider yourself hereby "endorsed." Blessings.... Brenda

Recommendation on Experiences: MEMBER, PERFECT INTERNET
ya she looks very dedicated online earner and sincerely sponsoring wazzub. I wish her all the best but depending only on wazzub is not a good idea. Not even a single person is 100% sure that wazzub is going to pay, I wish they pay because I'm also a member of wazzub. But high expectations on that could disturb us. We have to try other genuine income ways also which are free like wazzub. hope u understand....

Recommendation on Haves: PERFECT INTERNET

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