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Shailesh Tripathi Magnate II     Blogger, Developer, Web Designer

Joined APSense since, March 18th, 2011, From Wordwide, India.
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Tech Blogger, Social Media advertising and internet marketing, Developer, Web Designer and Social Media Lover, Investor and Domain Buyer..

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Ron Love Advanced
Shailesh is a veteran at Apsense, as evidenced by his profile content. I am pleased to recommend him as a business contact.

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Saleh Ibrahim Committed  
I do believe Shailesh Tripati is expert in internet marketing as Blogger, Developer and Web Designer. So I am very recomended him...

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Prashant Dharmik Advanced  
I am so luck persone becouse i add on Friends List Mr. Shailesh Tripathi. He is very telendted person & he has a vast knowledge of network marketing in the field of social websites

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Edi L. Innovator
Free website backlink is good to increase Google pagerank..

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Jill T. Davalos Freshman
Shailesh is best in his help for getting real traffic to our links. He made it possible after research that getting real traffic is very important and if its fast more better, You can visit his profile to get all the lnks for real website backlinks and real website traffic. God bless you!

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