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Michael Han Aims to Introduce the next Coca-Cola (in terms of brand) at LYF soft launch in Santa Monica April 28/29


listen to the latest call here


Will LYF with Michael Han be a Blue Ocean Strategy company? Listen here



First of all, I'd like to let you know you can pre-enroll into LYF by going HERE and entering lyfe in the box where it askes for your sponsors ID. No payment or social security number will be required. This will lock in your LYF position. = SPONSOR ID: lyfe

Lyf Brands Leaders are people who want to get ahead in LYF. We are the Premier Leadership Team in LYF Brands. Our Group has numerous experienced network marketers who have been consistent million dollar earners in the Industry. We believe in duplication and leverage.

LYF BRANDS can be your network marketing home, the last team you will ever have to build. Our products and program are what you've wanted in a network marketing Company. Don't delay. = SPONSOR ID: lyfe

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