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Joined APSense since, May 17th, 2007, From Cincinnati, United States.
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This Is A True Story...

About How A 28 Old Marketer Went From Being Broke to Working Fulltime in The Network Marketing Industry, Sponsoring 50 Reps, With Only Modest Success.....

To Presenting His Business To Over 3000 People in Less Than 5 Weeks!

You've reached the official Apsense Page of Robert Phillips, from Cincinnati Ohio Usa. I started this Apsense page for a couple of reasons.

First, to meet positive like minded people that are looking to take their lives to the next level. And secondly to help as many people as possible from making the same mistakes I made going to The School Of Hard Knocks in the Network Marketing Industry.

For the past 5 years, I have worked in the marketing and Sales advertising. I've launched numerous products and services into the marketplace including,, and

My passion since the age of 11 has always been in marketing and advertising, so when someone introduced me to the concept of Network Marketing, I figured it would be an absolute breeze. I started my own business selling candy at at school in junior high did that for 2 1/2 years grades 6th thur 8th grade this was in the early 90's and made about $50 a week doing it.

I mean, how difficult could it be to find a few people and teach them to find a few people? What could be so different about Network Marketing than conventional marketing?

Boy Was I In For A Big surprise!

My sponsor came from the Old School of Network Marketing. 8 years in the industry and a 5 figure monthly income, so I thought for sure, working by her side, that I too would be on the road to financial freedom. I was new to the industry, so I asked her what to do.

She said, "Its simple Robert! Just make a list of your top 100 business contacts and invite them to take a look!"

I remember these words like they were yesterday! "Put 20 of your best people infront of me and you'll never look back!"

None of my contacts were Network Marketers and none of their cont...

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Jenny Stewart Professional  
Terrific Business centre - and no less than i would expect from a professional marketer like yourself.
Marilyn Martin Committed  
HI Robert, Your Business Center looks great my friend. You did a wonderful job with it...of course I did not expect anything less from you. You are an awesome Networker and a great partner and friend. I appreciate all that you do, and all the help that you give to all! Great Job Robert! Marilyn L. Martin
Janet Matthews Professional  
I have been networking with Robert for about 6 months now and during that time have found him to be a very reliable and constant friend and business colleague. Robert has dedicated his life to helping others. He always has time for a chat and will offer help and support when needed. He has many friends and colleagues online at the various social networks and they all speak very highly of him. Robert is a first class networker and online entrepreneur who I am delighted to have amongst my friends
Lisa G. Committed  
Hi Robert, I am signed up under Robert at another social network. He is very well known in all the business social networks, because he is always helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and a very dedicated guy to his work and friends. It is my pleasure to know him via Social Networking and to learn from him, plus try to set my standards as high as his and extend my new knowledge to others when needed as well. Thanks Robert. Lisa G.
Lisa Lomas Professional  
Hi Robert, Your ABC is great buddy. To anyone that does not know Robert, he is reliable and trustworthy and I am very glad to know him. We chat for many times in the day and its always a great conversation. Lisa Lomas

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