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About Richard

Fun loving and free spirit internet marketer and entrepreneur. Loves to help people to succeed in life and gains great satisfaction with it. Loves the outdoors, movies and creating long relationships for life.

Health enthusiast, fitness expert and lover of life.

Let's connect I would love to know more about you! :)

"In order to achieve Success you MUST follow and duplicate what Successful people do." -- Richard Cooper

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  • ICANetworkApps
  • bluewaydesign
  • Shaklee
  • Almost A Secret

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Abby Aurora Advanced  
thank Richard, for your invitation, so nice to meet you, and I hope you to success for your life

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Lisa Simpkins Committed  
Richard exploits great work ethics,he is very knowledgeable,honest and highly professional.Richard is very dedicated and an expert in his field.I highly recommend Richard to any prospective employer or colleague.

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Roosevelt Evans III Professional  
Richard Cooper has both passion for and expertise in the health and wellness industry. Listen to him!

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R. Weatherly Magnate I  
Jeff Johnson just posted a brand new video for you. He just wanted to warn you Richard. Speaking from personal experience Richard. The time to Google-Proof your business is BEFORE they try to screw you. If you wait until after they screw you it's too late. This new video explains everything: Ricardo Traffic Generation Specialist 866-943-1128

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Courtney Lawrence Senior  
He manages a gorgeous site, offering the highest standard and promotion for sponsors. Certificacion has been a constant idea that now He has managed to be affordable and useful. Trustable 100%

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