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I am 44 yrs. old, and just began full-time in College after 18 years in the retail industry. I currently derive my income online, most notably through Insomnia Marketing Group, though I do several other things as well. I look forward to meeting and networking with all of you.

I'm just an ordinary guy ,really. Worked in retail mgt. for 18 years, helped run a couple of small businesses. I've had some limited success in network marketing, but nothing overwhelming. So, here in my 40's I decided to find out about Internet/online Marketing...and BOY-what I found is--I had A LOT to learn,lol.
I found Facebook, BARELY could even load up a picture, and copy/pasting was beyond me--but a Facebook friend told me about Insomnia Marketing Group, and it changed my life...That's what I'm passionate about--To show Folks like ME how to cut that learning curve!

Internet marketing offers SO many opportunities for the avg. person to create income--and now more than EVER in my country--in my opinion--the way to fix our problems as
a nation is to take back and control our economy ONE PERSON AT A TIME--You down with that?--let's connect!

Join me on Tagvillage, Free and launching 1st week of January:

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Looking to gain a more realistic comprehension of what a TRUE on-line marketer is... Simply goto Al's Apsense profile and read how internet marketing All Stars are made... I've recently had the pleasure of connecting with Al here at Apsense (of course), and joined a few of his programs/systems, Al is a very Honorable sponsor, and very dedicated to your progress)... I seldom give out these types of testimonials, BUT when someone this sincere appears, I simply MUST give him a BIGG show of appreciation... (Excellent Work Al)...

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