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Joined APSense since, January 12th, 2010, From Tunis, Tunisia.
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"My name is Rached H.and I am a full-time freelance virtual assistant who specializes in managing & assisting my client in their projects . I have been in the field for nearly 3 years, and have been loving every minute of it. I am a blogger, entrepreneur, marketer, business developer, and overall thinker. Check out some of the links in my profile to see what I've been up to lately."

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  • beproactivenow
  • Waterman Products
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JOBED C. Professional  
Rached H. had been actively doing his apsense business everyday and I am following how he does things. Very impressive dedication.

Recommendation on Haves: Service & Project management
Soufien Soltani Advanced  
Rached is very helpful,cooperative and hard work Personality! So don’t hesitate to ask for assistance he is polyvalent and can help in different task SEO, translation, management …

Recommendation on Haves: Service & Project management
Marlo Evangelista Professional  
As looking at Rached H. profile I'd say he would be very good connected and he has a lot of experiences when it comes to doing business online. I think following him would give you much if one is looking for nice opportunities!

Recommendation on Experiences: Our mission your vision, SEOWEB
Andru Y. Senior
Hi, Rached! Look - this website presently is one of the fastest growing websites worldwide: http://apsense.cc/e07cb7

Recommendation on Experiences: Marketer & VA, Myleonhomes
Rahul S. Professional
I will refer Rached for any type of Business related issues .... He is a great Business Consultant what I felt.

Recommendation on Experiences: Our mission your vision, SEOWEB

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