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Nawa Raz Timsina Magnate I     Website Developer

Joined APSense since, April 24th, 2012, From Kathmandu, Nepal.
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Web Developer And Graphics Designer

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Beyond Eleven Professional

Recommendation on Haves: Facebook
Malok Mading Senior  
Working as a Pvt Ltd. chairman, Nawa shows competency and consistency. A great guy to associate with and connect.

Recommendation on Experiences: Chairman, Orasoft Pvt. Ltd.
Elitel O. Senior  
Life and business is all about people and connection, and until you accept this and be part of it, you will far from success in life. Nawa Raj Timsina is a website developer, I've known him few days after he joined Apsense, so I recommend him to you for your website designing, hosting, etc

Recommendation on Haves: Website Design and Hosting
Jeremy Moore Senior
Very talented, and highly resourceful! Many skills, timely and very nice.

Recommendation on Haves: Website Design
Ashok Niroula Committed  
hi Nawa Raj Timsina, how are you? what kinds of web site do you make?

Recommendation on Experiences: Chairman, Orasoft Pvt. Ltd.

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