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Neelam Deshpande Advanced   Travel Management Executive

Joined APSense since, May 21st, 2013, From Mumbai, India.

About Neelam

Previously used to work with Thomas Cook as Trip planner and Advisor. Currently working for as Travel Managment Executive.

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  • Cloudnine Hospital
  • India Tour
  • Golden Triangle Tour Packages
  • Simply Fit Clothing
  • The Best India Tours

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Jones Brown Professional
Chennai is one of the largest cities in India. It is always abuzz with activity. As soon as you set foot into the city you will be surrounded by constant commotion. It is no secret, that it is a top destination for business men. They constantly descend on the city, for work related trips or meetings.

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Culture Holidays Committed  
Hello My Friend, It's nice to see someone who enjoys social media as much as I do. Just Visit My website :)

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Antenas Mallorca Professional
Nice friend and very good networker, thanks for the info

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