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Happy girl from Bandung, Paris Van Java, Indonesia. A very nice city with nice culinary and nice shopping adventures.

Right now, my prime online business is SWOM - Social Network

Swom is the first Social Network that I know and becomes so popular lately. In less than one year, number of member is so huge (no less than 100.000 active members), Swom was established in February 2010.

Swom pays active members who positively interact with each others. Member gets a point for a comment or post, question or answer and many more other positive interaction. One post means one point, and we get at least 200 points a day that is similar to $1. Active Member usually gets more that 200 points a day, cause there a bonus called Community Chest Point worth between 5-100 points and every member gets the chance to achieve this bonus. Payment due every 10th of each months directly to
the Alert Pay account.

So even if members don't have any referral, as long as they are actively interact with other members, they'll get paid at least 200 point = $1 a day.

One other most interesting in swom is members can promote their biz-ops to other members in their posting. While members do positive interaction, they also promote their business and at the same time they earn some money.

Those who have referral got paid $15 per referral as an instant bonus in the first month and $5 on the second month onward. You can imagine if you're great enough in recruiting referral, you'll got more and more income from swom.

Should you need more information on swom please visit http://swom.com/?r=121594 also visit my blog for more business opportunity http://mylove1earnmore.blogspot.com/

Have fun everyone,

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