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Entrepreneur Michael Pouls founded Kidz-IDz in 2002 to support child safety throughout the United States, aiming especially to assist parents unaware of vital precautionary tactics. Aided by research from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Mr. Pouls created a line of products to educate families and prepare for emergencies.

Recognizing children's vulnerability when ignorant of dangers, Michael Pouls wanted to teach them information in a way they would remember without frightening them. To this end, he created the game Safetyville. In this board game, players advance their pieces only after correctly answering a question about safety. Michael Pouls also anticipated that even most adults would not know the correct answer to many questions, which allows for involvement from players of all ages. An example question asks children who they should look for if they are lost in a store and unable to find a uniformed person; the right answer is a mother with a child.

In addition to instructing children how to react in possible situations, Michael Pouls promotes carrying full personal and health information for each child. Mr. Pouls' research convinced him that this could prove to be the single most important factor in finding a lost or abducted child, as most recoveries happen within the first few hours. His company, Kidz-IDz, offers electronic IDs, which contain all of the details the police would need upon the child's disappearance in an easily transmittable form, as well as physical photo IDs and medical emergency cards. To supplement this information, Kidz-IDz offers a fingerprinting, DNA, and dental records kit.

For further details about these and other products Michael Pouls and his company have designed, visit KidzIDz.com. Through the website, Michael Pouls also offers a list of free resources, including information about AMBER Alert with links to each state's program, a health care power of attorney form, a medical car seat ID tag, a safety poster, and links to kid-friendly search engines.

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