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Maree Wells Professional     Designer and GDI Team Leader

Joined APSense since, August 24th, 2011, From Christchurch., New Zealand.
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About Maree

Hi My name is Maree
I joined Ap Sense in 2010.
I live in Christchurch NZ. Now I earn full time selling Via the internet my Maree Designs Collection .
While earning a second income with my Sales Generating Leads Program listed at my GDI website. Earning from Numerous Income Resources..

Stop clicking for pennies. Start clicking for dollars. How to prosper in 2015.

Yes in 2009 Due to a Dr's blunder I ended up housebound after undergoing major life threatening surgery.
Confined to my chair I started testing 1000's of sites. Wasted 1000's of hours and dollars testing the good from the ugly. This is when I discovered GDI.

Now I have a successful plan. Which I follow daily.
I designed this site at GDI, using their 'very easy Web Master.
Team support is the key. I offer to duplicate my website, designing websites for all my GDI down line. FREE

I was off line to a couple of months relocating and re establishing after the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2011..
I lost my computer with all my site's log in information.
What a challenge! Locating and starting to participate again with all my sites I had joined in 2009.
Now I am back participating daily with honest site's promoting GDI and reaping the rewards.
No scams just dollars rolling daily. So JOIN me now.

I decided not to reopen another store. Instead I transferred my shop to Triple Clicks.
At the same time earning another income with SFI.
I participate daily earning 12 levels deep.

Join the best little team down under.
Dollar wise. Team Success.
Cheers Maree.
Connect with me at face book.

Brand Pages Maree Likes

  • CraftsVenue
  • stroll-air
  • UK Graded Stock
  • Optamark
  • PresentU
  • strongdogz
  • 247Webpromotions
  • Petals and leaves
  • Kiwitalk

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Yusuf Muhammad Bello Innovator
its my Pleasure

Recommendation on Experiences: Owner, Dollarwise
ivan simeonov Tycoon I  
nice page i lik e it good work

Recommendation on Experiences: Owner, Dollarwise
Ajay Ghisad Senior
Maree Wells is one of the most well known Designers across New Zealand. Find out more by searching for Maree Wells in Apsense Search. Highly talented and a jolly person to work with.
Mahlon Grube Committed  
Maree is always there to help you. She makes an excellent Team Leader. Anyone who complains about the problems needs to see what Maree went through to get to where she is now.

Recommendation on Experiences: February Double Bonus., Dollar Wise Team Build
Success Coach Sara Innovator
Maree Wells is an internet POWER HOUSE! She has a great attitude. She is there to help people, whether they are on her team or not.

Recommendation on Haves: change your life with GDI(global domain internatio

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