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My name is Lisa.

I am originally from Georgia, now living in California

I'm so glad that someone introduced me to Apsense several years ago. It's proven not only to be a great place for sharing my business(s) that I am passionate about, but also for making great new friends, obtaining new knowledge, and being part of a great community. Thanks so much for stopping by, I value YOU and your time! I hope you will take a look around at Lisa G Intimates

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Megi Promotion Professional
Hello, I would like to invite you to the new affiliate program I've developed. It's about promoting MP3 music, where the comission of each sale is 40%! Feel free to join:
Maurizio Salvador Advanced  
Hi and Good Morning. I love Your Coffe Cup, I cant get started if I do not get my Expresso firsy thing in the morning. All The Best Maurizio Italy
Jeff Greene Committed  
Looks like I'm the first one here! :) I want to congratulate you on your Business Center and your fine products, too! Your efforts are bound to create much success for You and Yours and I wish you the best of All That Is! You sense of humour is excellent and a Joy to all, May you always be rewarded in kind, even if you do hate housework! LOL! :)
Beth Schmillen Professional  
Your professionalism and spirit os helpfulness shows on your webpage and I can't believe it has taken me so long to visit! I should have been here long before now! Thanks for all your support and kind words in messages etc... Beth
Naye  Advanced  
You have a very nice business center, well layed out & nicely organized, very professional, and it so well written I can feel your passion in the products you mentioned, wonderful job & I wish you much success with it all.

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