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Joined APSense since, June 14th, 2010, From Klaipeda, Lithuania.
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About Lilija

My name is Lilija Paula, professional Network Marketer, share with you my experience and knowledge.

I love the home based business industry! It is the only industry where everyday I get to see dreams achieved.

The best thing about having my own business is and always has been the independence decide how the business will run. The most important thing is that I can determine how much money I am going to earn by just how much effort I put in.

I am very passionate about my dreams and goals as I am passionate about helping others pursue their passions and succeed in business.

If you have a dream, then you know that the only way to achieve it, is to persevere.
Success does not come easy.
You have to work and struggle sometimes.
But in the end, the reward is worth all the suffering that you endured.

But if you believe you are doing what you are meant to, and have the goals and plans in place, then DON’T QUIT! Hang in there. Even if it hurts like hell!
With the right attitude and hard work you can achieve anything.

Because You are a Winner. And Winners never quit.

Take breaks, but carry on fighting.

If you are serious about Network Marketing and like teamwork, if you’re the type of person who takes ACTION in life and you want to partner up with my team and to make the kind of money you know you’re worth, be sure to contact me:

* skype: lilijapaula

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Udo Hoffmann Magnate I  
Cute as a button, smart as a whip and determined! If you want to succeed then Lilija is the person you want on your side.
Dr Don Y. Magnate I Deluxe  
My my the net is wonderful, it help connect old friends. Lilija is such a friend. II is my pleasure to recommend her, her experience and resources to any other member. A true and seasoned professional lady - one worthy of every members connection and association. Great to be here with you friend

Recommendation on Haves: Easy earn for Life
Alexander W. Advanced
She is good in online earnings and make a good income from Profit Clicking
Rubi Ahsan Magnate I  
Lilija Paula is the best Network Marketer professional, I really enjoy what you are doing. Keep up the good work!
Eugenijus Z. Committed  
Individual's ability to take risks is good? Not always! Because it is not everywhere and not always true and justified. My colleagues Lilija selection is greatly appreciated. To get acquainted with the work of evaluating all the options and is embedded in the work 200%.

Recommendation on Haves: Easy earn for Life

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