Lenut Borgovan

Lenut Borgovan Senior     Web Development

Joined APSense since, April 18th, 2010, From Almeria, Spain.
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About Lenut

Creating Web pages, Web Design, Graphic Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Forms

Brand Pages Lenut Likes

  • Zohraa
  • pnayak-plumber
  • Intelgain
  • Traiborg
  • All Weather Coating
  • Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange
  • Best Forex Brokers
  • RecoveryFix
  • LiketoCash

Recommendations for Lenut

Antonio Franco Professional  
Si bien conozco a Lenut desde hace poco tiempo, me parece una persona seria, trabajadora, servicial y muy emprendedor y por todo ello le deseo el mayor de los exitos tanto personal como profesional. Un fuerte abrazo,

Recommendation on Haves: Eurobigweb - Hosting
Antenas Mallorca Professional
Lenut B. Is a good friend and very good networker. ;-.)

Recommendation on Haves: Eurobigweb - Hosting
Marlo Evangelista Professional  
I highly recommend my friend Lenut B. as an online businessman through his experience and resources. So guys whatever Lenut proposal I'm sure he can do the best and helpful to you.

Recommendation on Haves: Eurobigweb - Hosting
Buck Advance Innovator
Do you know how to work in Flex? I have heard a lot about it. This is what I will recommend you.

Recommendation on Experiences: Manager, EUROBIGWEB, S.L.
Antonio Franco Professional  
Lenut is hard working person on APSense. He is kind and honest person. Motivated and experienced marketer, Antonio is always up to the challenge, happy to share his resources with everyone over here on apsense.

Recommendation on Experiences: Manager, EUROBIGWEB, S.L.

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