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Internet and Affiliate marketing for fun and profit.

My is Dave and I'm glad to be here. Once I retired, I decided to try my hand at learning how to make money online. I've really enjoyed learning new skills. I currently have a few websites set up. One Wordpress blog and two Blogger sites. They are being used mostly as experiments to learn how to build websites. I know they are too banner heavy. One of my biggest problems has been writing content. I can't make any excuses, it's just laziness. I'm hoping to get better at affiliate marketing and writing. I'm always glad to share what I've learned with anyone here.

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  • Wings2fashion
  • Luxury Tours of India
  • Lion Park Volunteer Programme
  • Efficient Calendar

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Anthony Kpodo Magnate I  
Dave P from Los Angeles, US, has experience in internet marketing and claims to have "Internet marketing strategies and tips to help you to earn more money." This demands a favorable recommendation and I do give such a recommendation.

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