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Joined APSense since, June 3rd, 2007, From Bengaluru, India.
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I have 30+ years working in various fields like technical (Servicing), Marketing, Administration, Accounting, consultant for NGO's etc and have been pursuing online biz since 2005.

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  • Webuyanywatch
  • Taj Mahal Tour
  • Bonusprint
  • Grow A Massive Downline
  • Promote Depth
  • Kernel Data Recovery
  • Doorbellsdirect
  • Discount Designer Dresses

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Aaron M. Professional  
One of the successful program online is Tripleclicks Price Bender Auctions, I my self have experienced winning and getting discounts from this program. The good thing is you can start for FREE. Good choice of program Shiva! Keep it up ^_^

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Radha Chauhan Committed
I don't know about kumar sir.....but he is a nice person......

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Ammy Aaron Professional
A S Kumar is a very talented person in his field , A S Kumar is a honest person and good .

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Collette Johnson Professional  
Hello Jedi Nice start to your business center. You may want to utilize your services/products page as you can go into detail about your businesses you are offering as well as post pictures for any product/service you are offering. Will check back to see what else you h ave added. Blessings Collette
Surinder Singh Darvesh Magnate II
My Bengluru-based friend A.S. Kumar has ample resources to offer in the field of Arts & Crafts, Business, Health & Medical, Internet & eBusiness, Marketing. I recommend that those who avail themselves of these will benefit immensely.

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