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Joined APSense since, June 3rd, 2007, From Bengaluru, India.
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I have 30+ years working in various fields like technical (Servicing), Marketing, Administration, Accounting, consultant for NGO's etc and have been pursuing online biz since 2005.

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  • Webuyanywatch
  • Taj Mahal Tour
  • Bonusprint
  • Grow A Massive Downline
  • Promote Depth
  • Kernel Data Recovery
  • Doorbellsdirect
  • Discount Designer Dresses

Recommendations for A S

Aaron M. Professional  
Kumar, is a good friend and very intelligent netpreneur, you can see that he focuses in one thing first before trying another one, people like Kumar most likely are those who succeed most of the time because of their focus. Kumar is a good advisor and well versed when it comes to Internet and online stuffs. Good luck Kumar and thanks for being a good friend.

Recommendation on Haves: Real Success for the Serious
Aaron M. Professional  
One of the successful program online is Tripleclicks Price Bender Auctions, I my self have experienced winning and getting discounts from this program. The good thing is you can start for FREE. Good choice of program Shiva! Keep it up ^_^

Recommendation on Haves: TripleClicks Price Bender Auctions
Surinder Singh Darvesh Magnate II
My Bengluru-based friend A.S. Kumar has ample resources to offer in the field of Arts & Crafts, Business, Health & Medical, Internet & eBusiness, Marketing. I recommend that those who avail themselves of these will benefit immensely.

Recommendation on Haves: Real Success
Jyothi Raj Advanced
Mr. Kumar is a friendly person and helping nature. He is having good knowledge in online business and Netpreneur and I would like to recommend all my members to have a interact with him and gain knowledge how he is doing a great job online. Thank you.

Recommendation on Experiences: Associate, Best Business Networking
Collette Johnson Professional  
Hello Jedi Nice start to your business center. You may want to utilize your services/products page as you can go into detail about your businesses you are offering as well as post pictures for any product/service you are offering. Will check back to see what else you h ave added. Blessings Collette

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