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I am an Internet & affiliate marketing business consultant who enjoys assisting beginners and leaders in creating a positive cash flow. My background as a computer programmer,systems analyst, small business owner and public speaker has prepared me to be an Internet Marketing Solutions Provider for online entrepreneurs.

In the beginning I was a contract computer programmer and systems analyst using the internet as a communication device and method of delivery of my programs to my clients.

Over the years I began to add products such as webhosting, mailing systems and advertising.

Today I offer an integrated marketing program that combines traffic programs, list builders, advertising and social media with an emphasis on branding the individual and not the products or systems.

"Learn How To Build Your Business Using
Attraction Marketing and Social Media"

"Learn How To Brand Yourself and Build Your Own Business"

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to build your business almost effortlessly? Actually attract leads and prospects, credit card in hand, ready to join?

Click-By-Click Training Program Breaks Down Every Facet Of Online Business Building Into Quick... Easy-To-Digest Bites

Put Your Business In Front of The Biggest
Population Of Potential Buyers In The World


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Terry Warner Professional  
I have found Jim's programs and opportunities to be forthcoming and honest. His demeanor and approach on the internet is put forth as a friend and not as a salesman. It is a privilege to be associated with him on APSense.

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