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Joined APSense since, November 26th, 2007, From Calgary, Canada.
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About Janet

I love helping people understand how to use Internet tools to build their list, build relationships and make money online. With over 14 years experience in sharing the simple techniques that work, I can help you master the skills you need. I am living my dream life with my dream husband running our dream business together every day and blissfully happy. I am grateful every day for the love that surrounds us in our life and in our families. I look forward to sharing my personal strategies and learning which strategies work for you to help you build your business online

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Recommendations for Janet

Dennis Brooks Advanced  
If you want to learn internet marketing the right way, do it the Janet legere way. She is always ready to help when you want it, support when you need it. Her webinars are an inspiration for anybody who wants to make it in internet marketing. Not only that she is a friiend who has time for everybody.

Recommendation on Experiences: Coach and Mentor, Contact List Builder
Jan Ashby Innovator
Janet is so helpful, and is committed to providing value. Her professionalism shines in all she does. She really enjoys moving people closer to their dreams. She does many webinars, and you can hear in her voice the enthusiasm and sincerity. I recommend Janet to you all.

Recommendation on Experiences: Coach and Mentor, Contact List Builder
Vps Malhotra Magnate I  
You are one of the GREATS on the internet I am in your mailing lists I like your offers but feel shy to joi as Iam not sure that they work or not I must say that you posses the insight of a genius ,the probing eye of an investigator and skill to make all your mailshighly attractive and readable All the best and thanks for the guidance that you are providing at Apsense and other forums All the best
Marvin Whitehead Jr. Magnate I  
Janet is a friend,professional,honest,trustful and dependable also believe in helping others,coaching and mentoring others getting the job done,active on APSense God Bless!

Recommendation on Experiences: Coach and Mentor, Contact List Builder
Tunde Obasemola Senior
Janet Legere is truly an expert in list building. Her Expert List Builder is a testimony to her ability in list building. She is equally a motivator. She consistently holds webinars to assist online marketers in list building. Her morning motivator is geared towards geared towards keeping one on the right track.

Recommendation on Haves: Live Training Webinars

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