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Joined APSense since, November 26th, 2007, From Calgary, Canada.
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About Janet

I love helping people understand how to use Internet tools to build their list, build relationships and make money online. With over 15+ years experience in sharing the simple techniques that work, I can help you master the skills you need. I am living my dream life with my dream husband running our dream business together every day and blissfully happy. I am grateful every day for the love that surrounds us in our life and in our families. I look forward to sharing my personal strategies and learning which strategies work for you to help you build your business online

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Recommendations for Janet

Sue and Shawn Kelly Committed  
Janet Legere has learned it all in 10 years of internet business. She has developed a simple 3 step system to make any internet member become a List Building Expert. She writes blogs, reviews, and e-books to help others succeed. She and Don are constantly finding ways to make it better and Best and it is. Thank you Janet for sharing with us.
Suhas Sajgure Magnate I  
Janet is very knowledgeable and professional person. She is always help to people for achieve success in online business.

Recommendation on Experiences: Affordable Professional Web Hosting, Host Then Profit
Dr Don Y. Magnate I Deluxe  
Have know Janet from a distance for some time now. Certainly she doesn't need my recommendation, but she has my respect as a coach and mentor worthy of everyone's connection. Take care Janet nice to be here with you

Recommendation on Experiences: Coach and Mentor, Contact List Builder
Tunde Obasemola Senior
Janet Legere is truly an expert in list building. Her Expert List Builder is a testimony to her ability in list building. She is equally a motivator. She consistently holds webinars to assist online marketers in list building. Her morning motivator is geared towards geared towards keeping one on the right track.

Recommendation on Haves: Live Training Webinars
Micheal B. Innovator
Janet's Contact List Builder program, and the Ready Set Go Marketing System has shown me an effective way to market my affiliate and referral links with super results.

Recommendation on Haves: Contact List Builder

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