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Joined APSense since, July 4th, 2012, From Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire.
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J'aime les affaires et je crois que vraiment que le Net est le meilleur champ d'investissement. Je continue de me former afin de mettre à la disposition de mes amis et connaissances toutes les bonnes solutions pouvant les aider à sortir de la pauvreté grâce à la puissance du Net et de toutes les bonnes opportunités qu'il offre.

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Dave Saunders Professional Pro  
Kouame is a very dedicated and energetic young man. He is willing to learn how to earn from legitimate businesses online. I fully respect and am honored to be be connected with Kouame.

Recommendation on Haves: Internet Marketer
jesus jesus christ Senior  
I want to make a recommendation for Lambert Kouassi Kouame as a partner who has always displayed finesse and distinction in all the reports that we had together and through this other business networks. He allows his conduct to speak for itself, never promotions spamming or less a throw. This approach leads dns his site have an interest in its activities, and read his profile so well presented in a much more receptive mind. Many could learn from Lambert Kouassi Kouame

Recommendation on Experiences: CEO, IVOIREBIZ
Kishor Meswani Magnate II  
Mr. Kouame Lambert KOUASSI is a very dynamic and progressive young businessman with long vision encompassing a wide variety of opportunities based on & off internet both. He is recommended strongly to all friends here.

Recommendation on Haves: CEO

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