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Joined APSense since, May 21st, 2012, From Abuja, Nigeria.
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I'm a passionate user of the internet and I love connecting with people having similar interest. I'm also an affiliate and a part-time blogger; Founder and content moderator of http://bloggers-club.com/.

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jesus jesus christ Senior  
Ivan Aliku it's great to be connected here as always we have fun and encourage each other wherever we go! for Ivan Aliku
Istvan J. Senior  
I know Aliku since some time. You can count on him! He is a good friend and a good blogger!
Jules Wimbleton Advanced
I met Ivan through Facebook and have had the pleasure to do some business with him. I have found him to be an honest young man, eager to learn about Internet Marketing.

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Toya Christie Committed  
Ivan is very friendly and approachable. He is a good businessman and one of my valued downline at GDI. I'm sure his business on and offline will be a success.
Samuel Chibuike Freshman
Aliku is a superb blogger although I studied Computer Science and SEO, after reading Ivan's blog post I must confess that I was really astonished as his point of view as regards SEO. He is really amazing. After reading his article on SEO, and applying the principles, my site zoomed from a page rank of 0 to a page rank of 2. All thanks to Ivan

Recommendation on Haves: Bloggers Club

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